Lady Gaga Concert: A supernova of faggitude

Lady Gaga Concert: A supernova of faggitude

To say Lady Gaga rocked Portland is an understatement.

She exploded into a supernova of faggitude. Her pro-gay, pro-freak, pro-throw-your-tampon-at-high-school-bullies shook the very foundations that upholds Portland as the “keep-it-weird” center of the world.

Playing to over 20,000 adoring fans at the Rose Garden, Lady Gaga shot her Monster Ball tour like hot liquid into the laps of all the weirdoes and lovers last night. Her high-octane, multi-media, electronic heavy performance charmed the audience at every set movement and dance move. Averaging a costume-change about every three songs, there was an endless supply of spectacle and wonderment. To see photos of last night’s concert, look here:


From the first moment, when a mere movement of a silhouette of Gaga would cause the crowd to go crazy, to LGBT public service announcements, Lady Gaga had the audience in the palm of her hand. All of the favorite numbers where there: from Poker Face to Paparazzi, from early hits like Love Game, to a much deserved Bad Romance as an encore. She was most in control during the slower part of the concert, when she was alone on stage. She needed only mutter a few words, with appropriately spaced pauses, and she would drive the crowd crazy.

My only critique is that she lacked the dance sensations of Beyonce or Janet Jackson. Following in the footsteps of pop divas, she definitely carried her weight with her dancers, but the shine of her dazzle came from her amazing attitude and the control she had over the audience.

Above all, Gaga was pro-gay at every turn of the course. Many times she called out to her gay fans, and thanked them for all they have done for her. Near the end of the show, Gaga walked the “glitter road” in a Glinda the good witch costume on her way to the Monster Ball. Gaga could not have been more gay. Good work Gaga.


PS: I have to give thanks to my sister, Sam Bund, who benevolently gifted me with a Gaga ticket, a mere fifteen minutes before the show started. Attention to all the single, straight men who read this blog: She is single, caring, holds down a good job, and she buys $200 presents for the ones she loves. She’s a catch.
She is the one in the upper left with claws.

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