Brand spankin' new and old 'Pony' favorites, a 'JunKtion' of stuff to do this weekend

Sword and Fern's Mt. Saint Helen's Necklace and Same Dream Necklace

Um, so gee, we’re late this week. I hope that doesn’t mean you missed the 2nd installment of the new queer night Cafeteria at my local Vendetta last night. I sure didn’t. While I didn’t see any lunch trays (get on it boys! Atmosphere!) I saw plenty of crunk gays getting down on that tiny dancefloor. The music was a great mix of oldies, 90s, and today…but mixed way more elegantly than an adult contemporary radio station.

But hey neighbors…can we please keep the patio open just one more hour? As soon as everyone arrives just before 11 the doors shut and it becomes a familiar oven. Someone really needs to develop the technology to harness the energy greated from the body heat of club kids. It’ll be cleaner than coal. I promise.

Friday (Tonight)

Backyard Mythology! sword+fern’s 2 year anniversary celebration – Isn’t it enough to provide Portland with a hipster femme’s handmade, sustainable jewelery wet dream for two years running? Not for Emily Baker. She has to have a big backyard bash to celebrate.

There’s too much good stuff to list everything but I’m talkin’ keg, sale, hugs and skater girls…But what I’m most excited about are Portland’s most promising newbies ethereal indie-art-rockers The Lovers. I’m sooo excited for their upcoming album Dark Light hitting in October. You can check out their first single “Figure 8” below.


JunKtion kick-off party – Another one of my neighborhood bars, aptly named the Local Lounge (3536 NE Martin Luther King) has recently been bought by some gaymos and they’re ready to start having some gaymo parties.

Organizer and bartender Kat Roberts is super excited for their first time…and she doesn’t promise to be gentle. What she does promise is the so cheap it’s practically free $2 special 2 for 1 admission, the drink of summer 2010, sweet tea vodka and lemonade, to be on special and the smashing sounds of DJs Free Range (Kelly) and Brodeya (Deya).

They say don’t be scared but I might be a little…in a good way.


Kings for a Cause – This will be a bittersweet evening for sure as COG presents the E Room’s last ever drag show. Portland’s only lesbian bar is slowing winding down to its eventual death. So we might as well celebrate while we still can with draglicious acrobatics and big personalities such as Mr. Gay Pride XIII Ryval Theology, Tigresa Leona, Ms. Gay Pride IX Exstacy Inferno, Pheonix Da Hottie and more.

A benefit for CoG and for the Lesbian and Gay Task Force the entry is an absolutely reasonable $3, but I encourage you to give more. You can have one less drink right? Right? But no one will be turned away, so even the brokest of us can enjoy performative gender mayhem.

Nicky Click

Blow Pony – Good god I’m ready to ride the pony again. The club night that needs no introduction is sure to have a fantastic summer send off, even if I’m not ready to watch it go. But it’ll still have the big outdoor dance floor, which is my absolute favorite, and the sweet sounds of Nicky Click and CJ and the Dolls. Plus rumor has it that occasional contributor and Urban Adventurer Diana Edwards might be joining regular go go dancers Heatherette and Kaj-Anne Pepper in taking it off for the crowd…but this time legitimately…

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