A weekend of 'Possibilities', skanks, Dirtbags, Hercules and the Whole Wide World...and Mikey likes it!

Hercules and Love Affair's Andy Butler (left) and Kim Ann Foxman getting frisky before the show


nomy lamm and the Whole Wide World with Tender Forever and Timmy StrawA vague description to be sure, but an audience collaborative performance featuring nomy lamm? I wouldn’t dare miss it. This fat, disabled, queer activist has one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard and an avant garde art sensibility like a hard candy coated version of Marina Abramovic. And that hipper-than-thou not really off-the-beaten path Disjecta location (8371 N Interstate) is a perfect venue. Sprinkle in the sweet and melancholy croonings of Tender Forever and the local electro flavor of Timmy Straw and you got yourself a show that would rival…well…

Hercules and Love Affair at the Hawthorne Theater How could there even be any competition for this? Neo-electro-disco finely crafted with haunting vocals and danceable beats, unmatchable style and hotness for the girls, boys and everything in between should mean a packed house. And believe me, since it’s been about a decade since I have seen nomy lamm, and a lifetime since I’ve seen HLA, it’s going to be a really tough decision. Oh and did I mention I named the self-titled Hercules & Love Affair debut the best album of 2008? Either way I intend to try to cool off afterword at…

DirtbagOh my but there was a little drama concerning a review of the inaugural DB at its new Know headquarters (2026 NE Alberta), but that’s just all the more reason to check out this working class, new wave/electropop dance party. It’s DIY but with brand new equipment (um, DJ that is) with a small sweaty dance floor and hot bois bearing spray bottles to cool you down. Damn, this Thursday is gonna be a scorcher!

CLIT Fest – Indulge your need for the punk rock and check out the full writeup.


Bent – We know it. We love it. It’s the Nopo party. And, according to Craigslist it is also the place for femme skanks. But don’t worry, KP encouraged skanks of every flavor this week.

An Evening with ASNB (All Summer No Bummer) – And if you need a skank break just head down the pike a stretch for a similar party with pizza. Though the space is bigger I’m guessing this one will be a bit more low key. Maybe this is the place for bathroom breaks. I’m guessing there will be plenty of overlap. (Is that a skanky thing to say?)

Girls Night Out at the Comedy Spot – Comedy is really comin’ up in this town lately and, apparently, so is Salem. Go get ’em gay capitalers.


A Night of Possibilities lead up to Not Enough! Fest – Sometimes I almost think Portland does have enough queer culture, arts, and events, and then I realize there’s lots I’m missing out on. Sometimes all we need to go from same ol’ party to truly innovative art happenings is to get some collaborative motivation. This party aims to do just that. So let’s connect artistically and see where it takes us. That’s not a pickup line I swear…

'The Real L Word's Mikey Koffman

Bearracuda PDX, and benefit for Sam StoricksRecently passed DJ Sam Storicks left a gaping hole in our community. This was his party and in that way the night might be a mournful one. But Sam loved eccentricity and fun and I hope, instead, this night will be a celebration of his wonderful life and contributions to the bear and queer communities.

PharmacyWith my new lack of healthcare, playing doctor at Red Cap might be my best chance and dulling the pain. A visit from former Portland resident DJ Automaton can’t hurt either.

Meet the Real L Word’s MikeyLet’s have good memories of the E Room. I mean, Mikey likes it! And this fashion maven reality star lesbo will be partying it up with the old school crew. Maybe we can have a conversation about haircuts? PDX is full of awesome dyke hairdressers. And if you can’t make it out late she’ll be at Dingo’s (4612 SE Hawthorne) from 4-7 in the afternoon. (And so will we! Watch out for an interview with Mikey next week!)

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