Remembering DJ Sam Storicks, an open thread

Sam DJing at Bearracuda

I did not personally know Sam Storicks, the popular Bearracuda DJ was a much loved member of our community. And certainly my heart goes out, especially, to his partner Gregg Kerr in these difficult times following his passing. A close friend, Bennie Tan, posted a heartfelt piece over at Fabulous PDX and I have included some of it here.

Numb. That is what I’m feeling right now. I’m sitting here on my bed at 2:21 am on July 24th thinking, “What the FUCK just happened?!” I was going to try and get some sleep but I can’t. Sam Storicks, one of the most fantabulous people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know, passed away at 10:00pm last night, July 23, 2010.

I’ve been trying to process what just happened this past week. From him being found unconscious on Monday, July 19th to the recent, sudden turn for the worse…

…Sam also had a bunch of what I can only best describe as “Sam-isms.” Things like, “Emotions are for poor people” or “Feel that L.A.? That’s me, all up in you.” Sam’s observations on life were also brutally honest. Often, he would say things many of us would have liked to say but were too afraid to. He did this in what I call his “Dear so-and-so, Love Sam” postings. Even I have tried to imitate this formula but they are never as good as his.

…Sam, the world is a less funny and a sadder place without you. I don’t know who else is ever going to “melt my face” or make me “poop my pants” with their music. No one else can walk into a bar and start cranking out the robot the way you do. No one else is going to cut a bitch the way you do. There is only one you. You are an original, a visionary, a genius.

As you yourself have often pointed out Sam, “I’m fucking fantastic.” Yes. Yes you are. And always will be.

So please use this space to tell your happy memories and grand stories of a man I hear was amazing and hilarious. And on Saturday Aug 15 there will be a special Bearracuda tribute to Sam. An event he was originally supposed to DJ. I’m sure he would be happy to know that the whole community is remembering him fondly and celebrating his life.

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  • Patrick O'Hare

    im from jersey and knew sam in high school. wut is was mentioned above is exactly the way he was then. we had a crappy band and sam would pierce his nuts(just the skin)with a saftey pin, and he promised that if we ever played out he would do that every show. sadley we never got out of my bed room. i wil mis sam alot. He was one very origanal and entertaining person.