Rachel Maddow's highschool yearbook picture is so _________!

Lesbian TV star Rachel Maddow's highschool yearbook picture

Lesbian TV star Rachel Maddow's highschool yearbook picture

Fill in the blank!
This photo is so adorable.
I guess we were all femme once.
Forgive us for posting this, Rachel! (I don’t mind posting a pic of me in a dress to make it up to you…)
I think it is empowering to know that she has struggled with her gender presentation just like we all have.
Kudos to you. <3

Via Queerty.

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  • this is problematic

    many high schools, especially back in the day, required all women to wear those outfits when being photographed. also, it may have been dangerous for her to be out as a butch woman at the time, you don’t know her situation. this is probably embarrassing for her, no need to insult her gender presentation, even in jest.

  • Hi problematic,
    I was in no way intending to insult her gender presentation in the slightest. I think her photo is adorable. I, personally, don’t think this necessarily as problematic as you interpret it- I admire rachel maddow and knowing that she, too, has a shared history of being forced into gender norms that do not fit us makes me feel more like she is one of us. I would have no problem showing a yearbook photo of any other public figure, why is this case different? Yearbook photos are always embarassing, whether you dress gendernormatively or not.

    I think Rachel Maddow is amazing and important as a whip-smart news commentator, LGBTQ advocate, and butch woman. Excluding rachel due to her difference in presentation now vs. then is only a form of reverse discrimination in my mind.

  • I have edited the post a bit to better reflect my position. Rachel rocks – femme yearbook picture or no.

  • alleyhector

    Except for some college drag ball pictures which I cannot find I haven’t been femmey in a LONG time. Well before we all shared pictures online. But I did my best to find something suitably embarrassing to share…

    old school

  • Ok so I have not worn a dress since 1987 but I did promise some school uniform shots. This is actually the last skirt/dress I wore!

    Channeling elton john:

    Summer uniform

    Winter uniform