Good news: You represent (good gay blog-reading habits)

Hmm, looks familiar

Hmm, looks familiar

According to a study released today and published across the internet on blogs and sites such as this one, you’re in good shape. Why? You positively represent the findings of said study, which let a homo know that we are comparatively more likely to read blogs on a regular basis, which is awesome. Shameless plug: It’s also a perfect reason to consider advertising with us. You can find out more about that here).
No news on bisexual, trans identified, or low income folks as per usual (or combinations thereof), and obvs they don’t tell us how they define “gay and lesbian”, but if you can overlook that then it is actually kinda interesting.

From the press release: “According to a recent national survey conducted online by Harris Interactive®, a majority of gay and lesbian adults are reading blogs. More than half (54%) of gay men and lesbian respondents report reading some type of blog, compared to only 40% of heterosexuals.” Nice!

Also: “Not surprising, over one third (35%) of all lesbian and gay male adults report they read blogs specifically tailored for gay and lesbian news and interests.  More than half (53%) of these readers also say they visit gay and lesbian blogs weekly, and one in five (19%) do so daily. Michael Rogers, veteran gay blogger and media activist reported that these findings mirror his experience:  “My own work tells me gay men and lesbians have tremendous need and appetite for authentic gay news and information, and they want it fast.”

Hot damn! Looks like we are doing something right, and so are you. Congratulations!

In a similar vein, queers are more likely to be hanging out on ye aulde social networking site (i.e facebook…cuz really, who uses myspace these days?). The study doesn’t really give background to these findings, (my hunch is that we prefer interacting with our own, and the internet is a great way to overcome the queer diaspora we live in, especially if we don’t live in a city…) but it does come with lots of cute charts that tell you how many of us do what and when, statistically.

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