Blue Parrot changes hands, still home to queer dance night BENT

I had this foggy notion i went BENT at faggy nation!

I had this foggy notion i went BENT at faggy nation!

It hasn’t been long since the Blue Parrot first fluttered it’s way into many a Portland gay’s party calendar. A little off the beaten track and tucked away pretty far up north, no one could predict that this local neighbourhood bar would turn into the party location motivating deepest SE bound queers (me) to hoof on up north. (Which is kinda the same thing we all said when gay pizza started happening.)

But: The Blue Parrot’s basic charms of  queers, gritty music, tons o’dancing,  cheap drinks and a little backyard, along with two of the most promising recent gay, lesbian and trans party upstarts, DIRTBAG! and BENT, made this diamond in the rough shine on hard, bright and crazy.

BUT, like VH1’s behind the music, it all came crashing down. The Blue Parrot changed hands and has now been renamed FOGGY NOTION. (not sure if this foggy notion will still be blue on the inside and/or feature parrot decorations. I kinda hope it does!). DIRTBAG decided to move on up (or down, as the case may be) to a new destination, namely THE KNOW on Alberta and 20th. BENT, however, decided to stay put and play an encore, even though we didn’t get to clap yet. Go BENT.

So, you know what to do, go to BENT at the BLUE PARROT/FOGGY NOTION on July 9th and every 2nd Friday, and make sure it lives up to it’s new nickname (thx to Jose!) which, of course, has to be FAGGY NATION.

It’s not curtain call just yet!
BENT is 21+/$3
FAGGY NATION is located at 3416 N. Lombard.

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