While you were out…post Portland Gay Pride news roundup!

We are still working on processing the last, epic Pride weekend. We had so much fun! Thank you for everyone who came out and supported us. In the meantime, while we get our act together, here is a little summary of what you missed while you were out. Have other news you’d like to share? Post it!

BUTT Magazine Towels!

BUTT Magazine Towels!

The Blue Parrot is dead. Long live the Blue Parrot. makes video of gay pride parade after ignoring us for the rest of the year, view it here. KATU does the same, pretty much, check it here. And this is the coverage by OregonLive, which includes sentiments such as “This shows the world that gay people are people too,”. O RLY? We need a parade to prove that? Gee. reports Portland is top “gay family city”! That’s more like it. I dig the photo of the cruise! Read it here. reports that Obama is “inching towards a gay agenda”.

McChrystal Aide calls dinner with French minister “Fucking Gay”, could lose career – that was smart move, wasn’t it? Not really.

Former “Mr Gay UK” faces rape charges – and not just one.

Dutch music festival swaps Snoop Dogg for gay-hating Beenie Man, in order to be more “family friendly”, then realizes mistake and pulls him again a few hours later. Oops. Still won’t admit they’re doing it because he wants to kill gays by setting them on fire.

Heading somewhere where the weather is actually nice? (Oh, you’re leaving Portland?) Need a beach towel? Check out the one offered by BUTT magazine.

Autostraddle runs a beachwear guide for butches, bois, genderqueers, androgynous and otherwise not feminine folks who have boobs. Not that you’ll be needing this if you stay in Oregon.

Heading to SF like we are?? Check out Bilerico’s guide to SF wildlife, which is pretty funny.

CNN takes a look at gay dads, while the American Family Association condemns President Barack Obama’s tribute to them. Gobama.

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