qPDX on PDX.FM's Morning Submission Thursday 9am

Lez-host Emily Gibson

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I only discovered local online radio project PDX.FM after meeting resident lesbian Emily Gibson who, along with Sabrina Miller and Robert Wagner host Morning Submission (recently redubbed Morning Drunkmission).

So, in honor of Pride weekend, and of getting even less sleep by being at a downtown studio at 8 in the morning, yours truly, plus the lovely British/German accented Perry Winkle will be on the show around 9ish.

I’m really hoping they’ll have one of their infamous drink tastings, seeing as surely I won’t have had enough the night before, nor will I have any the rest of the weekend. Drunk at only my 4th day of the new jobby. Sweet!

As for what we will be discussing, besides the incredibly ambiguous “Pride” is anybody’s guess. Their conversations usually consist of things like exploding cocks, neck brace organizers and bastardizing the English language.

And did I mention when you’re online and not over the air you can totally fucking swear! Oh yeah, and no pants are required! The only time anyone listens over the air anymore is in the car and since you can get PDX.FM on almost any device that plugs into yer broke ass car some kind of way you have no excuses not to listen.

But if you’re totally lame and you do miss it, I’ll make sure to post the audio as soon as I can.

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