Pride Friday is the new Saturday

Bearracuda at Branx/Rotture

Yeah, what’s up with Friday night this Pride? It is a doozy. I mean, I’ve had to work really hard to pare down my nightlife route and even so I’m still attempting 4 parties. Here’s to hoping someone has a special on Red Bull…

One Night Stand with Robo/BogoThis one is going to be epic folks. Two promoters doing two kick ass parties for one tiny 5 dolla bill. Basically this one will have everything. It’ll have boys, girls and everything in between. It’ll have 4×4 DJ decks featuring DJ Automaton back in town from LA and DJ Equestrian in town from Pittsburgh in a Robo Pony reunion. Also the Gottesdiener “twins” Girlfriends plus Goddessfinger aka Bogo as Kaki Marshall’s final Portland party. Not to be outdone, Freddie Fagula brings (aside from himself) the soul queen of hipster PDX DJ Beyonda, femme fatale Chelsea Starr and Party Martyr. It’s going to be pure madness. Oh and did I mention it’s a benefit for Trans-Active and Gender (Free) For All? I’ll drink(special) to that!

BearracudaFound in both the forest and the club those fuzzy beasts so at home in the Pacific Northwest know how to bring the party. A roving bear and cub party Bearracuda has been tempted back to Portland more than they expected. And it’s the first night of outdoor partying at Branx/Rotture so all that hairy-ness might stand a chance of cooling down.

Menz Room Pride BBQ Freakout – Um, so I think this is technically a totally different event than Bearracuda, but they dovetail nicely in the sort of different, but sort of the same Branx/Rotture. So, basically either have hair, draw hair, or love BBQ and dancing under the stars (and like, a fuck ton of awesome DJs and live performers) and you cannot go wrong. Oh and did I forget “screen yr own” hankies and underwear?

Comedy Curious showcase If all this thumping bass and flashing lights isn’t for you but you still like a hearty belly chortle and a good time check out first national comedy showcase of it’s kind for the Portland area, Belinda Carroll’s Comedy Curious showcase benefits Q Center. Five comics from across these great state will parade hilarious over the stage. NYC’s Kelli Dunham brings 12 year old boy humor back, Austin’s Holly Lorka is billed as naughty and nice, sweet and sour, and likes BBQ with her porn, and small town Jessica Halem puts her queer spin on Sudafed, sexual politics, and glory holes. They are joined by hometown gals Belinda Carroll and Whitney Streed.

Gaycation with Make it Good: Short Films by Queers You Know and LoveOne of the most popular, longest running lady-centered parties doesn’t really need any help advertising since they’re usually a line well before 10 o’clock. But this year the night gets even gayer with a FREE film screening starting off the night. And while what films will exactly be shown and by whom I’m fairly certain the “queers I know” part will be true though “love” remains to be seen. But because I’ve been promised “Cat Whispering!!! Gender Free Knee Porn!!! Superqueer Heroes!!!” I’m inclined to believe I just may fall in lust.

Whipped cream debauchery at Crave

Whipped cream debauchery at Crave

Crave goes rainbow for Pride – Oh yeah, damn, it’s another lass-filled party right around the corner! As if one huge sweaty dance floor full of women isn’t enough take a refreshing 2 block stroll to Crush to join the hot young things at Crave. These ladies are also big supporters of qPDX so don’t be surprised to see our banner splashed all around you…oh and all over the bodies of those sexy go go dancers! And the earlier you get there, the more prizes and specials you can get…

7th annual Pride Beach PartyCircuit queens doin’ it show-off shirtless on the Slaughters dance for for 3 DAYS STRAIGHT. Except, you know, gay as hell. ‘Nuff said.

Pride Kick off party at the E Room – Live it up old school dyke style and get yer karaoke on. And give me a damn 5 for $5 bracelet…

Sweet Jesus I’m exhausted just writing about all these events. I’m gonna need an injection on Friday itself…

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