Live updates via Twitter from Pride...and I helped!

Don't you want someone to tell you where to see things as cool as Rainbow Rick?

Unless we are trapped indoors due to sickness or work schedules we should all be out and about Pride weekend trying to figure out how many events we can get to before we all turn into pumpkins at 2am. Because Portland is officially a big city and it’ll be challenging to figure out the best venues.

Cue qPDX and the power of social networking. Our dedicated party-goers will be tweeting the best spots and the down low all weekend long. You can follow our Twitter feed from your phone or check the site, which will have a scrolling list of tweets and twats at the top of the page for the duration.

Best yet, you can tell us what’s cool too by using your own Twitter with @qpdx. What venue has a long line? Who has drink specials? Where are you seeing the cutest boys and girl? What party is hoppin’ and what party is droppin’? Who has the best parade route tailgating? Or even if you just wanna give a shout out to your peeps at the event across town, you can let ’em know you’re thinking of them. You tell the qPDX world and we’ll let you know where the best action’s at, no matter what you’re style.

Taste the rainbow, and share it, in real time, with the whole community.

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