Gay Garage Sale graces Vendetta (PHOTOS)

One person’s trash is another person’s outfit.

Hipsters, dragsters, gays and queers flocked to Vendetta on Sunday to peruse through people’s goods and trash for the 2nd Gay Garage Sale. Blessed with non-raining weather, the surroundings of the Northeast bar Vendetta saw hordes of gays and those who flock to gays. DJ Lunchlady rocked jams in the front room while Dirty D hosted the patio through numerous illicit offers and costume changes.

I walked away with two old school lights that look like something out of a Skate World estate sale.

Check out all the pics on the photo page.

The formidable Dirty D, the party’s host.

THE Miss Kaj-anne Pepper.

What’s that tube used for?

Two beautiful beaus.

A holy glow.

The sale finishes up.

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