Stuff you should go out and do: Picks for a gay gay weekend in May

Steampunk for kidsBesides basking in the sun you might also wanna check out:


Dirty QueerAs if you didn’t have enough spring fever already goin’ on here’s some more words to get you riled up.

Bent – Low brow dancin’ in the dark and smoochin’ in the corner. Get it.


Alberta Art HopNot necessarily a gay event, the art hop will satisfy your summer desire for local food, entertainment, and shopping.

Level Zero and SMYRC’s Queer Youth PromQueer Prom single DJ, hot drag queens, free food and fun contests. what else do you need for (underage) fun? Oh yeah, maybe a perfectly “keep Portland weird” steampunk theme. So get ready to don your monocle and bust out some old-fashioned fun.

Kaki KingCalled by some to be the guitar goddess of the new millenium Kaki King also has a sweetly charming voice and the ladies downright love her.

GaycationLike, the most popular and long running night for (mostly) the ladies. Duh.


Portland Queer Porn NightsYou might be hard pressed to want to take yourself inside for this beautiful weekend but if inside contains sweaty queers huddled together to enjoy some sex on the screen it might be worth it. You can always go frolic in the warm night air afterword.

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