Memorial weekend fun post

Let's get physical at Saturday's Leotard 80s party

If you’re not headed up to Seattle for Freakshow a gogo these are the places you should be this weekend:


DirtbagSweaty, small, cheap. The music is a mixed bag but you won’t care.

Bootie mashup – Apparently pirates are back. So mashup yer eyepatches and go go dancing. And butt pirate photobooth? All about it.

Gay Volleyball ChampionshipsI really really hope they bring in sand to the convention center. I only watch sports for the short shorts and jiggling but this has got to fulfill all your fantasies of sun-drenched beach hotness in the horrible weather we are currently experiencing. Oh yeah, and expect to see pictures here on Monday…


LeotardYou can now drink barely being alive in the 80s so we’re making you younguns experience vodka and Tabb (don’t worry I hear between 10 and 11 they’ll be at 80s prices). Guests pay no cover if dressed in workout/jazzercise attire of the era. Leg warmers, sweatbands, leotards, spandex, big hair etc. My 80s were spent in Jersey so BRING IT!

Supernature 28Dangerous Boys Club, Joey Casio, DJ Copy, E*Rock & DJ BJ…live electronic music by hott boyz. Eff yeah…

play/startThe girl version.


Boogie BoutiqueNot sure if they’re for sale but there promises to be men in just your size. I might have to try on a few pairs before I decide.

Get WetThe sexually exploitative night for women in case men aren’t the store you wanna shop at…

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  • Rob I. Tussin

    re: Boogie Boutique.. Did they really think Portland gays would pay a $20 cover? Nice try.