Kaj-anne Pepper wins May's Miss Thing

Winning contestant Kaj-anne Pepper with backup dancer Robert Tyree

Monthly drag competition Miss Thing at the Fez has quickly become the show to experience the breadth of Portland drag as well as a who’s who of almost every queer circle. And indeed, that night competition was just as fierce as we have come to expect.

Nonetheless, no one was surprised when the incorrigible and amazing Kaj-anne Pepper took first place with his ironic, satirical and beautiful medley of both Gaga and Madonna. With live vocals and backup dancers perfectly exemplifying the Gaga aesthetic it was a no-brainer, despite the quality of all the acts.

The ultra-gay theme, Lady Gaga vs. Madonna, produced a host of great performances starting with judges, including winner of last month, Bulimianne Rhapsody, who performed her own rendition of Paparrazzi instead praising the joys of wino-loving Carlo-Rossi.

Poison Waters was also fabulous as usual with her afro-tastic performance to Madonna’s Deeper and Deeper. Better yet, we are opening up her to a whole new underground queer world and now she knows she’s a Trannyshack kinda girl!

Aside from winner Kaj-anne, fierce forays were made by Nefertiti Ay, Saturn, and a spot-on Lady Gaga ala Telephone impersonator whose name I have forgotten. (Sorry, she was really great. I’m sure someone will school me as soon as this post goes live). In addition to her signature homemade headdress, Nefertiti sported an amazing Monroe style dress sewed by her loving husband, who was also one of the scantily clad backup dancers. Even Saturn has come an incredibly long way, featuring a cutely thematic Madonna fembot Weird Science style routine complete with nerd backup.

Excitement is overflowing so intensely that audience members are already talking about the coming November finale. I just hope we don’t all shoot our loads before then.

We should have photos up later today courtesy Sarah Ditson, but for now you can check out some of Marty Davis’s shots on Facebook.

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