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BUTCH Voices regional conference

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In collaboration with PSU’s Queer Resource Center, the conference for self-identified “Butches, studs, aggressives, Machas, etc” is coming to Portland! (October 2nd) Next to hoping for strong attendance, the conference organizers are seeking workshop leaders  and conference facilitators. Basically, if you have something to say, wantt to lead session, or have an art project you want to show, they want to hear about it!

Full text of their call for submissions under the cut. We will be posting more information closer to the conference. 

BUTCH Voices Portland

2010 Regional Conference

Portland, OR will host one of four BUTCH Voices Regional Conferences in 2010. Last year’s ground-breaking BUTCH Voices national conference in Oakland, CA brought together hundreds of self identified Butches, Studs, Aggressives and other similar identified folks, as well as many allies for conversation, workshops, entertainment, and good ol’ fashioned butch bonding. The Queer Resource Center at Portland State University is co-sponsoring this event.

Our hope for the BUTCH Voices Portland Regional Conference is to provide a similar, regionally-focused event with the same awesome, open spirit and attitude. We will also be including substantial programming around health and wellness.

We are looking for interested people to serve on the planning committee, as well as community members who would like to lead workshops and discussions or participate in visual and performing arts presentations. People wanting to participate in the BUTCH Voices Portland Regional Conference can also email with their interest and questions.

These regional conferences will be an amazing opportunity to create local and regional community awareness, to share butch voices, and critical thinking about who we are. BUTCH Voices Regional Conferences are a place to: talk about why we identify in the ways we do, learn how to tell our stories, address femininity, masculinity, discuss areas of overlap and intersection that are none of the above. We will talk about sex, embodiment, community building, our physical and mental health, and issues that stand in the way of Butch-identified solidarity and justice. Most importantly, BUTCH Voices is the place where we can be ourselves with one another.

This is our Call for Submissions. We welcome workshop ideas of all kinds, films, performances, skill shares, especially on topics which speak to the cultural, sexual, emotional, physical, and psychological relationships that arise in the lives of Butches, Studs, Tombois, Aggressives, Machas, etc. We are open to all perspectives–

queer, feminist, womanist, neither or beyond! We particularly encourage proposals by and for people-over sixty, under twenty-one, working-class, and people of color or persons with disabilities.

Deadline for Submissions for BUTCH Voices Portland is August 1, 2010. Please submit your proposal or abstract to bvportland2010@gmail.comalong with a short bio of yourself and any other presenter.

Please forward this widely to all who may be interested in participating.


BUTCH Voices is a grassroots organization dedicated to all self identified Butches, Studs, Aggressives, other similar identities, and their Allies. We, at BUTCH Voices, feel it is important to bring together our diverse communities, build bridges, make connections, and use our collective voices to gain better understanding of each other and promote positive visibility.

BUTCH Voices is dedicated to community building, economic/social justice and physical/mental health for all self identified Butches, Studs, Aggressives, our allies, and the general public.

Thank you, BUTCH Voices

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