Trans Sri-Lankan hip-hop artist D’Lo at Reed


Every bit as hot and talented as fellow Tamil MIA, political theatre artist/writer and music producer D’Lo unleashes his spoken word and hip hop act on the students on Reed tonight at 7pm in the campus chapel and tomorrow in Winch Hall at 1pm for a workshop.

With an interesting combination of pure Los Angeles street knowledge and a BA from UCLA in Ethnomusicology and a graduate of New York’s School of Audio Engineering, D’Lo brings important political and ideological discussions to a genre that needs an infusion of the genuine. This “…hella well-rounded G” tries to explain his synthesis of the disparate by saying,

Gay Hindu Hip Hop–these three things make me but don’t allow for one another. This is my attempt at fusing these elements of my being (and my imaginary friends) onto the stage.

D’Lo’s work is a part of the vibrant tapestry that sheds light on many of the issues of our modern day society; brutality, justice, AIDS, sexuality, political and social unrest and division along ethnic and gender lines. He also keeps an online diary that gives the audience a fairly personal look into his creative process. For a public performance check out the D Loco Kid’s YouTube channel.

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