Sam Adams second recall attempt falls short

Sam  Adams stays mayor

Sam Adams likes basil and stays mayor.

Portland Mayor Sam Adams has been “in the wars”, as my Mum would say. A little affair with Beau Breedlove turned into a media snowball resulting in two recall attempts and a quasi-political-deadlock for Adams. A few years later, we’re still debating the ins and outs of, ah, the bloom of youth.

The bespectacled politico has been trying hard to get over the Breedlove affair and get on with his job, which is, in my mind, the best thing he could have done. Personally, I’m glad the recall fell short of the 32,183 signature margin, maybe this means he can go back running the city and fixing potholes, which given that summer bike season is coming, is not unimportant.

Congratulations, Sam. You’re still standing!

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