Homomentum’s end (or at least break) is nigh

The performance hilarity and audacity of Pants Off Production‘s Homomentum series kept our cockles warm through the winter. Alas, and the trees begin to bud and queer nightlife is taking off with a host of new nights popping up it is time to bid our familiar pal a farewell.

The season-ending theme of Leather & Lace gives ample opportunity to take advantage of our spring awakened hearts yearnings with sensual performance art. With acts such as Beefcake Burlesque, Felice Shays, Celestial Creatures and a special homo-lay-dancer filled extravaganza lead by Katrina O’Brien I have no doubt the ‘momentum will go out with a bang.

This month’s lucky audience participation members will gladly give up their dignity in order to win a free night’s stay at the hipster swank and romantic Jupiter Hotel. And lest you think that Max and Jodi are resting on their laurels, Homo’s Got Talent is soon to return with the freed up time and it will take place in the lovely sun-drenched courtyard of the Jupiter.

Ain’t spring grand?

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