PDX Boom caused by homosexuals? #pdxboom

Did collapsing homos cause the PDXboom?

Did collapsing homos cause the PDXboom?

Was the loud boom heard around 8 PM last night caused by Portland area gays and lesbians simultaneously collapsing after a long weekend of partying? Or is it because we’re such sinners or something? (There was a lot of sinning going on at BP. Apparently it was fun to watch, somehow I missed it. I was too busy dancing)

I’m not sure, but if you heard the boom, (I did down at Reed College, it was loud, and stuff rattled), but we have a handy-dandy PDX Boom map link where you can add your boomspot. (look, i’m creating new lingo)

Anyway, the weekend…

Friday saw both Al and me kick it off to some fine electro jamz and the newly established DIRTBAG event in NoPo (at the Blue Parrot). Lots of cute people with there, and while the sound system at the parrot is not the best, it was a good crowd, with folks getting down and dirty on the dancefloor all night.

Saturday saw the epic 3-yr anniversary of BLOW PONY hit Rotture (and Branx, and the Hippodrome). The newly opened back room space of the hippodrome was a much needed addition – as well as the cash-only drink spots downstairs and on the balcony. (I just wished I had known to bring more cash). Drinks lines were pretty epic (15-3o mins, I heard) and so were the bathroom queues (at least 10 minutes), and the space definitely needs better drinking water stations, but everyone seemed to take it more or less in stride. The music and vibe downstairs were so good and packed you kept running back to the dancefloor anyway (well, I did). Spring was definitely in the air and wall to wall sweaty queers were getting dirrrty! (It also got so hot in there we all took our clothes off)

A jam-packed, rite-of-spring-esque, hedonistic, grimy, overwhelming night. I’m still recovering!
I can’t wait for the back parking lot to get opened up so we can dance under the stars…

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  • OK so I just heard that the PPD says the #pdxboom was a pipebomb, but i find that really hard to believe…

    I’m still convinced it was teh gayness.

  • alleyhector

    So I was just commenting on another post about how I was pleasantly surprised by this BP because I’ve been having less of a good time lately. Then again, I did get there at 9:30 this time and only had to approach a bar about 2 or 3 times.

    That said, it was still overwhelming and if you come with a date or only know the friends you came with you better not let them out of your sight. I got to see all my peeps at least briefly but even I got a little lonely at times when it took 20 minutes to find anyone. And I LIKE to dance alone.

    I also had a rather interesting experience with some lady floggers towards the end of the eve. It seemed like bad timing because I didn’t see them there earlier and it was already emptying out by then and they appeared to be fundraising.

    Anyway, I gotta say that I am a tough critic but this experience was pretty frustrating. Believe it or not I can be shy and their method of persuasion was more brute force than cute, coy coercion. But hey, I like a good spank every now and then so I handed over my dollar and bent over. Again, more charisma, as well as force was needed and I was trying to be silly and play my own part well but I wasn’t getting the cheeky feedback so necessary in a performative space.

    Sorry ladies, I’ve had better whippings in a locker room.

  • Saturday March 06 2010, a ka-thunka in nw portland
    i was sitting inside anna banana’s coffeeshop
    at 1214 Northwest 21st Avenue and herd
    a “thun-ka” thats a muffled boom with
    2 shock waves about a quarter second apart

    to me it it sounded like a refridgerator fell down
    but , felt like it shoved the building east a little
    10 feet north west of me but that would put it
    in the wall and be impossible

    i went out side to the intersection of NW 21st
    & northrup and it was filled with people
    looking for the source of the boom ,
    i went around the neighborhood on my bike
    and smelled burnt gunpouder strongly at NW 22nd & northrup

    i sent emails to all of the news agencys but

    Colin Seiler News Producer @ KATU sdaid
    Multnomah County Dispatch says there was
    some sort of backyard fire, but
    they’ve heard nothing about an explosion

    Adele Steiger of koin said
    I saw a couple of people tweeting about this,
    when I made calls to police/fire and PGE…
    they said they couldn’t find anything and didn’t
    know what it was either.
    I have no doubt it happened,
    but it seems a mystery at this time.
    Sorry, I couldn’t be of any help.

  • sorry i miss-typed
    to me it it sounded like a refridgerator
    fell down 10 feet north west of me
    but that would put it in the wall
    and be impossible

    felt like it shoved the building east a little