Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s ‘Telephone’ video storms the scene

Jailtime kiss for Lady Gaga or "How do I get into that prison?"

Love her, hate her, think we here at qPDX blog too much about her, there is no denying that the queer internets are all kinds of atwitter over Lady Gaga‘s newest music video.

In a duet with the fabulous Miss Beyonce, Telephone is a completely odd and queer refashioning of pop culture and I want to hear what all you fine people have to say about it. My favorite reviews, so far, come from edgy lez-culture site Autostraddle and include highlights such as:

“I appreciate the sheer volume of weird shit happening”

“Like getting Wes Anderson to direct Thong Song”

“I feel like I’m high, but I’m not”

“Gaga escaped the Russian mafia with their toxic vodka and sexy potato sack dresses.”

Now watch the magic (below) and see for yourself.

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