Homomentum's Gaycademy Awards

We can be disappointed by the real Academy Awards but Portland is great at making shunning the mainstream in favor of our own winners. Homomentum‘s Gaycademy Awards will be just such a show.

We have all been enthralled by the last five boldly themed shows and Saturday should be no different with a double dose of surprise out of town guests Jukie Sunshine and Alysia Angel as well as Felice Shays in addition to Homo regulars Untrained, I and Catitude. Also, contemporary dance profs Swagger will be in the house to demo some of their fine teaching skills with a group of eager pupils. They will most certainly be providing An Education.

Will Catitude re-envision James Cameron’s Avatar?

Can Untrained, I dance their way through The Hurt Locker or escape from District 9?

Precious rendition? Or is that going to far?

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