Hey queers go get outdoors with the Sauvie Island wildlife

Sandhill crane

Spring has sprung here at QPDX and we are taking it outside. Amateur Naturalist and avid urban adventurer Diana Edwards talks with us today about the Sauvie Island wildlife.

Just 10 miles from downtown Portland, Sauvie Island has long been hailed as a great escape from the city heat in the summer. And we all love the gay nude beach. Sauvie Island, however, is also an important natural area for both residents and migratory wildlife.

The first avifauna to look for when on Sauvie Island are the double-crested cormorants which sit on the pylons and cables in the Multnomah Channel that runs parallel to Reeder Road. Step out of the car at any of the wildlife viewpoints along the road and you can expect to see geese, ducks, widgeons, and red-winged blackbirds.  Bring your binoculars because there is exceptional viewing of sandhill cranes and bald eagles as well.

Keep your eyes open when walking through the paths to the beach for garter snakes, stellar’s jays and black-capped chickadees.  If birds aren’t your thing there are often bear sightings at Collins Beach 6!

Remember to wear your sunscreen and pack-out what you brought in!

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