Get it at the Fag Drag this Friday

Who says feminists are no fun? Combining the talents of one of the last lady-centric bookstores with the superpower that is The Deli, In Other Words (8 N Killingsworth) hosts the Fag Drag this Friday at 8pm.

A show that promises neither the straight up king or queen, the gender wild flags are sure to be flying high with the encouragement to BYOD: Bring your own…


Flesh or silicon isn’t specified, but I anticipated a range of dirty accoutrements of various substances in attendance. Because in order to make already gender deviant folks appear in drag you simply must go all out. And I fully expect that from this crew of sandwich slingin’ gender benders. So be prepared to cover your delicate eyes and virgin ears.

Your miniscule $3 – 10 contribution will go to benefit 2 great LGBT businesses. More importantly, however, drag star hotties will be waggling something in your face all night to get your weekend off to a great start.

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