Dance it out at Dirtbag...

Yes, the springing spring has brought us yet another queertastic dance extravaganza…because we all.just.can’t.get.enough… Yes, it’s Blow Pony‘s 3rd birthday this Saturday at Rotture (315 SE 3rd) and I will be in full regalia with my crew, but I am starting to get a bit wary of the night that seems to keep expanding in both good and less good ways. Are we going to burst at the seams? Has BP become just another freakshow for the masses? This weekend is a test my friends. And it may be time for some of us to retreat into our smaller queer dominated domains for awhile. We shall see.

Luckily we have ample opportunity. Listening to the description of tomorrow’s new Blue Parrot (3416 N Lombard) hosted !!!DIRT BAG!!! glamourtronic queer dance pop party!!! I am certainly tempted to add another evening to my dance party schedule, full as it may be.

Put on by Jenny Bruso and the folks from Tuff Luck coffee at In Other Words the night is described thusly:

ATTENTION all drrrtbags, rhinestone cowboys, gaylords, scalliwag bitches and uber queer fabazons!!! let’s dance it out at DIRT BAG!

featuring, for the first time, DJ GUTTER GLAMOUR and her handsome minions, pumping so many new wave, 80s dance pop, and electro dance jams than yr weary bones can handle!

it’s, like, gonna be so good.

And you know what? I believe ’em.

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