Bent, Buck Angel and beginning the weekend

Trans porn star Buck Angel

When I first heard about Portland queer porn showings I was elated. Slated to be at the intimate and aptly named Rumpspanker’s what could be better than a horde of horny queers reveling in their sexy voyeurism together? But alas, the night was moved south to Crush (1400 SE Morrison) and refashioned with a hefty $10 entry fee.

And while it would be pretty fantastic to join in this Wednesday to watch The Buck Stops Here with the infamous Buck Angel himself in attendance, I really don’t think I can pony up that many bills for a movie I could rent with my sweetie in the seclusion of my own clean bedroom. That said, there will be raffle items from It’s My Pleasure and SheBop, not mention items from the Angel himself. Plus a steamy Q&A after the screening.

To continue the Buck-et o’ fun, Angel reappears Friday at Queer Cornucopia at Invasion (415 SW 4th). A raunchy, sensual, sexy night of dance and erotic performance.  This party aims to be a night full of body shaking, booty grooving, hormone arousing fun. And there are even more gyrating boy bodies down the street at Red Cap’s (1035 SW Stark) Discovery of Uranus.

But for my Friday night money, I’ll be shaking a tail feather at shiny new Bent at the Blue Parrot (3416 N Lombard).  DJ’s Jodi Bon Jodi and Roy G Biv present a cheap-as-you night of radical queer dancing in a tiny space. There’s something familiar and sexy about an air of stale cigarette smoke and a creepily video monitored yet secluded back porch that might make your mind wander back to the heady days of Booty at Porky’s. It’s that dirty queer nostalgia we’re all looking for right?

And if you still haven’t had enough Bucking? Then head down to SheBop Saturday (909 N Beech) from 7:15 to 8:30 for DVD signings.

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  • We too were extremely disappointed to learn (two days before our first event) that the manager of Rumpspankers had ended all events there. Basically, we were left in the cold and many venues don’t want sex-based events in their venues. Alas, Crush opened their arms to us :).

    We ARE excited to announce the price of Portland Queer Porn Nights will be $8 starting in April. However, the cost of screening movies and bringing fabulous queer icons into town can cost a pretty penny, hence the covers.

    We wanted to provide events that were fun, entertaining, and provided PDX queers with something they have never had before – a sex AND queer positive space that held events and posed opportunities to meet influential advocates in the queer sex industry.

    We hope that the Portland community can understand the amount of hard work and dedication (and money) it takes to have these kind of events and support something that has never been done here. Plus it is long over due for a city such as Portland to have these safe environments to enjoy films, great food, good drinks, and wonderful people. Not to mention, have chances at great raffle prizes.

    Savory Pink Productions.

  • it’s also dirty queer this friday!
    there is a lotta queer dirt in this town this weekend! <3

  • Just wanted to add that the raffle prizes for Savory Pink events are really good. For the Queer Porn night, It’s My Pleasure donated *three* leather harnesses. For ten bucks, you get to see good porn, meet someone famous, and get a chance to win cool prizes. Not bad for PDX 🙂

  • hey brandy, do you know what kind of harnesses?
    if a vegan wins them, can they be exchanged for vegan friendlee ones?

  • Virginia Martin

    I noticed that you linked to SheBop, but not It’s My Pleasure. Here is our website, for future reference.

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