“Pregnant Man” Thomas Beattie expecting third

Thomas Beattie pregnant with 3rd child

Thomas Beattie pregnant with 3rd child

Wow, there will be a little sports team soon!

Thomas Beattie, the famousĀ  Oregon “Pregnant Man” is expecting his third child, new websites including this one report. (the comments on that site are pretty transphobic. I’ll try and find a better source.)

Congratulations Thomas! My first reaction was “three in a row??” and I find it good/strange/telling that I would pretty much feel the same way about any heterosexual married woman. Any thoughts?

I hope the pregnancy goes well and the baby and dad are healthy.

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  • delicate flower

    Yeah. I, too, hope that baby and dad are healthy this time around as well. However, I must agree: three kids is too many.

    I have a theory that with the parent-child dynamic, you really shouldn’t upset the balance of power and when the kids outnumber the parents, overthrow is eminent.

    But it’s just a theory…….

    Yay for dads having babies, though.

  • The Awesome

    hey delicate flower
    speaking of babies. you and i should have one!

  • Kelly

    I don’t understand why this is such a huge story with appearances on talk shows and everything?! Its a woman, if you have a vagina, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes you can get pregnant. They call those women. We do it all the time. I will call this a miracle if it is “Her” sperm, its not. Choose one or the other, you don’t get the luxary of both. Anyone can buy an artifical penis at adult stores. What makes yours so special? I can strap one on, but that doesn’t make me a man!

  • Hey Kelly,

    I’d like to reply to your post comment. If you consider the simple binary of vagina=woman, penis=man, then indeed it is not a big deal that Thomas got pregnant. But the broader issue here that there are lots of people for whom this simple truth is indeed not quite so simple or so true, including yours truly.

    I don’t believe that having a penis or a vagina has anything to do with which gender you are. I believe it determines your biological sex, pretty much, but that’s all.

    Historically, people have tended to think the following:



    vagina/uterus etc ->female ->woman ->feminine.

    However, this doesn’t really explain or accommodate the range of experience that exists in people’s lives. Some people are born intersexed, meaning that they have both male and female internal or external genitalia, and they don’t necessarily “feel” like they belong to the gender assigned to the genitals that are more prominent. Some people have genetic differences that gives them two XX chromosomes and a Y chromosome or the other way round. Many people are forcibly surgically corrected and go through life feeling completely “wrong”.

    Many people resist against the dual-track-binary laid out above…they may be born anatomically male or female, but feel more or completely like they are the “opposite”. Folks get change their names, get hormone therapy and possibly surgery to correct their body in order to be more in line with what they feel is “right” – commonly known as transsexual, transgendered, ftm, mtf etc.

    Some folks feel pretty much at home in their bodies but may adopt traits commonly associated with the “opposite” gender, such as being an effeminate man, or butch woman. Some people feel this way but deside to transition completely.

    And some folks feel neither like a woman or a man, or both, or a combination, or something else entirely, and may choose to take hormones or not, have surgery, or not, change their name, or not, and therefore may present in a way that is challenging and non-conformative to people unfamiliar with this concept. Folks like this (including myself) are often referred to as gender variant, gender queer, or some other term.

    People who are transgendered or transsexual or any other form of gender variance need to be respected and addressed and considered the way they present or see themselves.

    Thomas has had hormone therapy and his breasts removed, and, most importantly, he considers himself a man. And therefore he is a man and it is only respectful to treat him as much. And when he got pregnant, he was/is a pregnant man.

    I don’t consider it a “luxury” to be gender variant (although it is kinda cool), it’s just an essential part of me, like the fact that I am 5’5 and bad eyesight and am allergic to onions. If I consider myself a democrat, tell everyone I am a democrat, act like a democrat, vote like a democrat, get pissed off when someone bashes democrats, try and make the democratic party better – everyone else in the world will say “yes, you are a democrat”. Same it is with gender in many respects.

    I hope you can see this and respect me, and respect Thomas too – he is not a woman, and neither am I. Please don’t refer to Thomas as “it”.
    That’s about as disrespectful as you can get.

    I hope we can discuss this in a respectful way!


    If you strap on a dildo (and dildos and dicks are not the same thing necessarily) and really own it and role play it and you feel like you’re a guy while doing it, usin’ it, wearin’ it, you are. Mine is only special cause it’s mine when I want it to be mine, not because I need societal permission for it to be so.

  • Litchick

    Well written and expressed Perry. When will people realize that gender is not black or white, but innumerable shades of gray. We’re all just people.

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