Crave gets the gold with a masquerade ball

Pretty Bois drag kings

Those ever classy ladies at Crave may have moved their thematic parties to once every two months, but that only makes them bigger and better. Tomorrow night’s Gold Masquerade party should encapsulate a very dynamic February filled with debaucherous celebration in true Midas theme.

I fully expect the southeast digs at Crush (1400 SE Morrison) to positively sparkle with golden deliciousness as surely the hand of the legendary king will have touched every surface, drapery and painted go go dancer body. And if you come so mysteriously masked, you get reduced admission all night.

Those same shimmering bodies will bring back the infamous midnight show as they give two lucky birthday girls a scintillating lap dance. A lucky raffle winner will also be sitting ringside for the performance. And for those of you who like your golden boyishness better…The Pretty Bois drag troupe is back with a sinistery sexy performance likely to keep you transfixed in an Eyes Wide Shut style trance.

And if performances, style and nakedness are not enough to persuade you to experience Portland’s most refreshingly outrageous LA/Vegas style party, consider diverse DJs that keep the ladies shakin’ it on the dancefloor till the po po shuts it down. Party producer DJ Alicious makes her turntable debut early while DJ Pipedream takes the decks into the wee hours with his own brand of progressive electronica that he seemlessly blends with popular tracks. He’s gonna leave you chanting his name at the end of the night.

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