Artemis Chase drops out of the Portland Drag Race

Artemis Chase

Artemis Chase

Along with the return of popular Logo show RuPaul’s Drag Race, returned Portland’s own Drag Race with host Poison Waters earlier this February. The new Red Cap Thursday staple goes for 13 weeks with 8 contestants who will be lead through a variety of creative challenges. One will be chosen the weekly winner, and awarded prizes donated by sponsors and community partners. At the end of the series, one contestant will come out on top to claim the grand prize which includes $1,000.00 cash and round trip airfare, lodging, and VIP party passes for 2.

One of the favored contestants, Artemis Chase, is a much beloved local queen who almost made it onto the national show. But today even her race towards the local championship has ended as she has pulled out of the local competition.

The amount of time and energy I was going to have to put into the drag race for the next 10 weeks was not going to allow me to give 100% to the rest of the events I work on.  So I had to make a decision on where my priorities were and they had to be with the events I have been doing and will continue to do long after the drag race is over.

I also just did not feel that the show was a good fit for me.  I am a comedic performer and that is what I love doing in drag.  Getting dressed up to stand on stage and look glamorous isn’t inspiring or enjoyable for me.  I completely understand why people do love it and why the show is formatted the way it is.  But it just wasn’t for me, much in the same way pageants and titles are not for me.

I wish all the girls left the best of luck!  And have nothing but love and respect for everyone involved in the show!  I will definitely be getting down there as much as I can to cheer everyone on.

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