NW Institute’s summer documentary making program for LGBT youth

Phil Busse

In March, the Northwest Institute for Social Change is hosting a 10-week long program that will teach LGBTQ teens how to produce short, professional-quality films. They are looking for interested students.

Participating teens will attend media literacy and media production seminars, and then take those skills to the streets to produce a professional-quality short film that address stereotypes—whether that is a serious-minded documentary about a local civic leader or a funny narrative about a gay superhero. You can see some of these past projects and hear about teen experiences in NWISC blog.

The program begins in March and goes through the summer. Applications are due Feb 12th. Teen of varied interests and levels of knowledge are encouraged to apply.

The program is free. Teens will come from a mix of organizations and schools in the Portland vicinity.

We are not necessarily looking for the A+ student who sits front-and-center, but are looking for students who have a strong interest in media and voicing their opinions. The ideal candidate is someone who has worked with community projects and is interested in “making a difference.” Many of our students have never picked up a microphone or video camera before, yet they leave the program with professional-grade skills for producing media projects and a strong knowledge about how to affect real social change.

For more information, contact Executive Director Phil Busse at:

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