Lady Gaga will make record with Boy George

Ah yes, in ye olden days

B.A Baracus: "I pity the fool that pokes me in the eye with his gay hair!" Boy George:"Do you really want to hurt me?"

Fabu gay hero Lady Gaga and slightly dusty but still gaytastic crooner Boy George are duetting it up to make the possibly gayest song in history, reports The Sun. Despite the fact that The Sun ranks near the bottom (but above the National Enquirer!) on the reliability scale of news, the potential of this is so amazing that I just have to blog about it.

Apparently, George will join Gaga at the O2 arena in London when she performs there in February – Lady Gaga also emphasized that she has been a fan of Boy George for a long time (makes sense, really), and wants to help him out now that he has got “his life together”. I think that statement is a bit questionable considering the Karma Chameleon’s cra cra behaviour that included taking rentboys hostage, calling the police while in a house full of cocaine and picking up trash as part of community service, but I’ll be generous, just this once. Maybe they can costume swap!

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