Federal gay marriage trial news resources

Perry v. Schwarzenegger Federal Trial news resources

Perry v. Schwarzenegger Federal Trial news resources

January is a slow month for queer news in PDX, but there is a lot happening on the national level, with the Perry v. Schwarzenegger federal trial going down which may set the stage for queer rights and queer activism for the next, oh, decade at least, if not more, and providing a touchpoint for gay marriage in the US. Kristin Perry (left in photo) and Sandra Steir’s (onthe right) relationship and lack of recognition therof is at the heart of this lawsuit which may become gay America’s Roe v. Wade.

With me hanging out in Germany, my old stomping ground, and Al busy keeping the home fires burning we don’t have the gaymo-power to cover the trial, but we do have a list of news resources for you so you can stay up to date. Enjoy.

Starting off with the wikipedia article on the trial, and then followed by Towleroad which has a lot of interesting updates here. Advocate is another great resource, with lots of information and a daily trial update here. Reuters has some often updated news coverage here, and Rachel Maddow did a show segment on the trial which can be found here.And last but not least, here is the official case site. Wow! Happy reading, and lets hope the trial stays strong…

Please post any other resources in the comments if you think they are interesting to our readers. Thanks!

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