Updated 1/15: David Letterman insults trans people, again…

Breaking news! David Letterman isn't funny.

Breaking news! David Letterman isn't very funny

UPDATED – see bottom
…except this time the person he’s ragging on is Amanda Simpson, who was appointed by President Obama to the U.S. Commerce Department. Queers United, a fellow blog, reports that Letterman shows a picture of Simpson on his show, and then an audience refers to her as someone who used to be “a dude” and infers a sexual relationship with Ms. Simpson before running off in disgust.

While the show cleverly uses an audience member instead of David Letterman himself to deliver the offensive (and extremely unfunny joke), its pretty obvious that Letterman is simply looking for a cheap shot. According to Queers United, this isn’t the first time Letterman has made ignorant and transphobic remarks – he also quipped about Thomas Beattie, the FTM transsexual man who is now pregnant with his second child. If you want cheap ‘n low – shop at Letterman’s.

Cue the A-man-da jokes everyone, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until we’re bombarded with ’em…

You can watch the clip and read the full item here.

Apparently the HRC has also started a campaign to get David Letterman to apologize to Ms. Simpson, you can read about that here.

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