A Third Sex reunion show with The Haggard and Kaia Wilson

The Third Sex from their 7" "Mombies" cover

Anyone who is roughly my age and experienced Portland at the height of its dyke rock 90s knows the The Third Sex. Indeed my newly out 14 year old self swooned over the dreamy screamy vocals of Trish Walsh and Peyton Marshall.

For most of the length of their pop punk career I snapped photos, carried around around one of their 2 CDs in my Discman, and, eventually, played a show with them. Commemorated by their track “Maul 10.09.97″ on Back to Go, a final show at a tiny club on 14th and Alberta, back then not the gentrified arts magnet it is now, was one of the most emblematic, not to mention punk rock, Third Sex memories. And this tiny club, with leaking ceiling and cramped stage felt like the beginning of the end of an era.

Sunday night, that era will live again at Rotture (315 SE 3rd Ave).

Joined by drum-bangin’, guitar screeching punk goddesses The Haggard and sweetly crooning Kaia Wilson (Team Dresch, The Butchies) this show should be a grand rebirth of dyke punk. And if I’ve learned anything from the three Team Dresch reunion shows I’ve attended, the girls don’t let this one get away. Whether you were there the first time or only heard stories from your nearing 30s friends, female pheromones are already gearing up for a festival of sweat and joy.

DJ Permanent Wave, aka Jenny Hoyston, will be hosting the jams all night and I’m quite certain and lesbionic dance party will emerge from the rawk. The $5-10 sliding scale, which goes to benefit the Rock’n’roll Camp for Girls, is more than worth it.

Below is a video of the trio playing at the iconic Maul in 1998. Enjoy.

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