What changes do you want to see to

We are nicer than this cat.

We are nicer than this cat. Promise.

Hey everyone –

We’ve been on the air as with our own blog for about 8 months! Quite a milestone, we think, and hopefully you do too¬† – and during this time we managed to become a go-to for queer news here in Stumptown, and we’re super excited about that! But now we’d like to know how we can grow QPDX, just cuz we’re that slavishly dedicated to doing a good gay job of being your queer minions and bringing you fresh queer news.

What can we do to make better? What subjects are we not covering? Have a burning desire for a report on something specific? Have a night or event you want us to promote? How are we doing and what do you want to see? We want to know.


WE <3 U.

-the management

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  • jeghan

    Love your blog. The one thing I’d like to see is a little more lead time with some of the events. I read your content in RSS, and often I hear of a great event on the day of, and therefore cannot attend.