Unmerry Xmas: Carful of goodies stolen @ BlowPony/Rotture

Stop stealing our stuff please

Stop stealing our stuff please

We need your help! Over $3000 worth of gear was stolen from our friend’s car in front of Blow Pony /Rotture. Where you there? Did you see ANYTHING? family member and avid snowboarder Diana Edwards got a nasty shock after leaving BlowPony @ Rotture/Branx last night.

QPDX’er Alley had picked up Diana from the airport after a christmas trip to Utah and headed back directly to BlowPony to party it up at Merry Christ Mess(which was awesome!! Love the new sign), and when they returned to the car in order to head home they saw it had been broken into, and Diana’s snowboard, her computer, and all of her christmas presents from her family and friends had been jacked.

As soon as we know the details of the specific items that were stolen (and may pop up on Craigslist) we will post them.The policia has been activated but we need as much help as we can to get our friends’ stuff back. :/

If you heard, saw, think you heard, think you saw, are psychic, or have any other special skills that will help us get Diana’s gear back, please contact us. Car is a dark grey Ultima with blue “share the road” plates.

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  • psychic

    That was a brilliantly bad idea to leave a car parked with all that stuff in it — maybe offering your keys up so they could take the car too would have been good.


  • Diana Edwards

    Thanks QPDX and everyone else for all their help in the search for my items. The biggest loss is my White 13in Macbook. It has a picture of Jesus over the apple emblem on the cover (thus making Jesus’ bleeding heart glow whilst the computer is in use).

    The other major loss is my brand new snowboard. Its a 154cm K2 Duchess, with burton bindings and boots. It has a black fabricy topsheet with a color scheme similiar to that of Madonna’s “Confessions on the Dance Floor” tour. All of this was encased in a large snowboard bag that says “Demon” on it.

    The other major losses include all of my christmas gifts, clothes, books, and even my arch support orthodics.

    The deed happened between 12am and 2:15am on SE Stark street in between SE 1st and 2nd. Losses are estimated to be above $3000.

    Please please please. If you know anything, or saw anything fishy please let us know.

  • perrywinkle

    Hi psychic.
    Sorry that my previous reply was snarky. Of course you shouldn’t park your car with your stuff in it. Diana knows this too. Mistakes are made, people learn. What is important now is that we get D’s stuff back.


  • Diana Edwards

    Please everyone take your valuables out of your car. Burglaries have been happening all over the city recently, even in broad daylight in the middle of day.

  • Diana,

    if you can find us links to images that show a board similar to yours and a sticker like the one on the mac I will post them as well.


  • Claire Itin

    You should bash some people up like the promoters suggest. Violence is the answer.

  • I think my husband is planning something the same. I wish luck to you.