The penultimate Homomentum takes stage this Saturday with ‘Snowpocalypse!’

edited ice queens webAs the first decade of the millenium draws to a close, so too does Pants Off Productions‘ performance trilogy Homomentum. The December installment of queer variety awesomeness celebrates the cold season with with a frosty Snowpocalypse! theme this Saturday night, 8pm at the E Room (3701 SE Division).

In memorium of last year’s December arctic blast the dancing queers are here to show off their ice princess steps with Snow Queen MC her/himself Max Voltage. But you won’t be cold for long when the heat of burlesque performers Pigeon Von Tramp and Portland’s burlesque diva Sahara Dunes steam up the frosty windows.

And though cats hate the water it’s so cute to see them prance aggravatedly through the snow. As the white flakes collect on their paws we will all be laughing and licking our mittens to Catitude‘s always-irreverent sketches.

Audience participation will return as well. This month prizes come from brand spankin’ new Diesel Femme Wear. But don’t worry boys, their are duds aplenty for you as well in this amazing fashion line from the warped and wonderful mind of Sossity Chiricuzio. Recent press shots show a full gender spectrum of hotties sporting what is sure to make you a Portland trend-setter. A gift not to be taken lightly. It’ll give you something to dance about for the rest of the night…

CORRECTION: Sometimes I’m happy to be wrong. And, because it means that Homomentum is booked for at least 3 more months, this is one of those times! Give a blogger a heads up so I can look a little bit less like a dufus next time…

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