‘That’s What She Said’ comedy benefit


Amy Turner and Kathryn Lounsbery of That's What She Said

Good looks are great, but nothing’s hotter than a lady that’s both sexy and funny. And while I have not seen the That’s What She Said duo in person the ladies of comedy have been getting rave reviews. (And I’m a sucker for a puffy rainbow jacket)

This Saturday at 8pm they take over the Q Center (4115 N Mississippi) to benefit Jeff Bader‘s increasing needs for in-home care as he moves forward in life with ALS.

In a town that has great club nights, concerts, food fairs and beer fests comedy is a much needed entertainment source. To find out more about these ladies check out their bio, along with hip pop hilarious U-Haul video below.

That’s What She Said is a mad musical bouquet of imaginative, comic songs about lesbians. Amy Turner, vocalist, and Kathryn Lounsbery, pianist and vocalist, effortlessly take their audiences on a whirlwind tour through music: jazz, rap, folk, disco, light opera, and power ballads, to name a few, are presented on an eco-friendly silver platter. Their musical versatility and impeccable comic timing have quickly garnered rave reviews and a world-wide following. Recently named “Best Comedy Show to Make You Pee Your Pants” by Jane and Jane Magazine, Amy and Kathryn have taken their show across the country, to Mexico, and are recent darlings of the Film Festival circuit with their hard-core rap homage to the oldest Lesbian joke: U-Haul: The Music Video.

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