str8 cologne an issue of h8 or just annoying?

It's the only way, apparently

STR8's the only way, apparently

A brand of cologne called “STR8” as been fluttering around the internet for a little while – complete with seemingly homophobic tagline: “STR8. There’s no other way”

What is this? The work of another group of religious nuts? Scientology side-income? No – seems like a hungarian/polish perfume company making a quick buck on the back of good-old american wistfulness for the great beyond.

A guy. A girl. A reclining embrace on a powerful car. A sunset. A dust…trail. Space. Freedom. The American dream. Climate change. Cheap perfume. Tacky license-plate styled design. Made in ex eastern bloc and sold at TESCO (see that blue label in the back on the wood?)

More on STR8 products can be found here. The product’s image seems to be modelled on cars and driving, hence the license-plate style box and the car in the ad.

Offensive? Homophobic? Annoying? Intentional?

Is it OK because it’s made in Poland – would it be different if this stuff were made in the USA?


(on a side note, i think that cologne for exclusively straight men would probably not smell that great)

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