Queers can learn to hip hop dance in a positive space at ‘Swagger’


Under the Radar's Erin Rook (left) and Em Connor (right)

In a world where homophobia is not as uncommon as it may be in other dance cultures, hip hop can be an intimidating style to get into. But Portland queers are all about taking over every kind of dance, from country line to disco queendom. We just like to bust a move. That’s why Under the Radar‘s Em Connor and (qPDX contributor) Erin Rook decided to host Swagger: A Queer Dance Movement.

Inspired by the enthusiastic response by friends and fans of Under the Radar, Em Connor and Erin Rook bring you Swagger, a no-pressure dance class for queers who like to get down. This all-levels, body-positive hip hop class is designed to encourage self-expression through movement. Dance is for every body and we hope to see yours there!

Having done a stint in UR’s rigorous practice schedule, I have intimate knowledge of Connor’s ability to pull the steps out of your body. And though her choreography is often brutally tough and fast, she has assured me that this first lesson is for all levels. But that doesn’t mean she’ll go easy on you. By the end of Wednesday’s class at Center Space (420 SE 6th) you’ll be happily dripping in sweat.

Whether you’re on the floor, jumping in the air or sidling sexily toward your fellow homo hoppers, Swagger is sure to make your hump day a truly pumped and dynamic experience. And just think how much more impressive your moves will be at the next Blow Pony or Gaycation…

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