Straight couple barred from “gay” civil union in UK

In a strange twist of circumstances, a heterosexual couple interested in obtaining a civil union in the UK has been barred from doing so. The reason? Civil unions are only for gay people. Heteros can only be “married” and only by a member of a church.The couple is supported by Peter Thatchell, one of the UK’s most prominent gay rights activists.

No civil union for straight pair

Image courtesy of BCCnews

Image courtesy of BCCnews

A heterosexual couple have been refused permission to register for a civil partnership.

Tom Freeman and Katherine Doyle said they want to challenge “discriminatory” UK laws which restrict civil partnerships to same-sex couples. They plan legal action after their application was denied at Islington Register Office, north London.

A spokesman for Islington Council said the pair’s request was refused because “the council must follow the law”.

UK law only permits heterosexual couples to marry and only permits same-sex couples to form civil partnerships.

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