Go SPelUNKing and shake your rump this Friday

Get into some tight spaces at SPelUNK Friday the 13th

Get into some tight spaces at SPelUNK Friday the 13th

As usual there is no lack of queer parties for the weekend and this Friday the 13th, so soon after Halloween, should certainly be auspicious. My recommendations are SPelUNK at Red Cap (1035 SW Stark) and Fruitcake at Rumpspankers (700 NE Dekum).

In honor of being scared of (and excited by) the dark, Red Cap intends to plunge its patrons into total, cave-like darkness with only your instincts and some LED lights to guide you.

With San Francisco resident in town for a few months DJ Chelsea Starr (Castro Street Fair) the dance floor is sure to be a hot one. But be careful, if you thought you had beer goggles before it may be nothing compared to a pitch black make out corner. Take that headlamp and look your date up and down before you take him home.

For the Nopo crew Friday favorite Fruitcake is back. All Homo’s Eve was a wild success, and despite an extra hour due to daylight savings I was still dancing strong at closing time.

And for all you folks who have so loved Fruitcake, but were getting a little bogged down by it’s crowded popularity, have no fear. The dance floor is going to get some space as it moves upstairs to the Village Ballroom area of Rumpspankers. Resident DJ Nolita bounces the beats hard enough to have to excited for your extra space, curtains, corners, and a covered patio will leave plenty of places to get closer to one another. Joined by special guest DJs Lifepartner (Hard Times/Wild Life) & Gottesfinger (Gay Deceivers) this already popular night with a new spin is the only place to be east of the river.

3 comments to Go SPelUNKing and shake your rump this Friday


    Dearest dancing queers and allies,

    I lament to inform you that Rumpspankers has gotten their liquor license revoked by the OLCC as of today and therefore Fruitcake will be postponed until further notice. We love and honor your support! Needless to say, we’ll be back soon!

    Stay tuned,
    Fruitcake Xxo

  • tedhead

    So no alcohol. no fruitcake?
    that is lame.
    its silly to think queers need alcohol to dance have a good time.


    Well, Rumpspankers wouldn’t make any money since they can’t sell alcohol.