Ellen Degeneres on ‘Oprah’

One of the 3 cover designs for Ellen Degeneres' appearance on Oprah magazine, and the silliest

One of the 3 cover designs for Ellen Degeneres' appearance on Oprah magazine, and the silliest

Today Ellen Degeneres appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show with new wife Portia De Rossi for their first televised interview as a married couple. Largely a fun and promotional show celebrating Ellen’s appearance alongside the daytime star on the cover of O: The Oprah Magazine, the duo were a pleasure to watch, and a happy foray into gay comedic mainstream.

Ellen has been campaigning for months to be the only the second other person to grace O’s cover (only First lady Michelle Obama has ever had that honor) and it’s finally paid off with 3 different cover shots appearing in the upcoming December issue. Degeneres wants it to be the best selling issue so far and with this amount of publicity, and the shopping ways of the gays, I have little doubt it can achieve that when it hits newsstands this Thursday.

In the sappier portion of the show, Portia is invited to the set to talk love and marriage. When Oprah asks Portia when she knew if she was the one she says:

When I first laid eyes on her. But it took me three years to actually tell her how I felt about her, because I was on ‘Ally McBeal’ at the time and wasn’t living as an openly gay person. I was closeted and very very afraid that if I talked about being gay it would be the end of my career. So I wasn’t about to date the most famous lesbian in the world….

…She’s my wife, I get to say that she’s my wife and that’s just the way it is.

Ellen continued with, “Anybody who’s married knows there is a difference. It feels like you’re home. There’s an anchor, there’s a safety. I’m going to be with her until the day I die and I know that.”

Ellen also discussed her difficult public coming out experience, including a 3 year acting hiatus, and her upcoming addition to the American Idol team, including a declaration of no Simon Cowell fear and letting Adam Lambert know he should use less tongue.

Always, cheeky, yet sincere the episode was a refreshing mix of love, laughter, sweetness, bravery and good ol’ fashioned Oprah cry-fest moments.

Here’s a clip from the show:

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