Adam Lambert’s racy ‘American Music Awards’ performance

Photo: Djansezian/Getty

Photo: Djansezian/Getty

Though I am tempted to editorialize, I’m really much more interested to hear what you all have to say about last night’s Adam Lambert performance on the American Music Awards. In his first televised performance since the Season Eight finale of American Idol, Lambert aims to stir the pot. He also proclaims that any censorship would be discriminatory.

5 comments to Adam Lambert’s racy ‘American Music Awards’ performance

  • alleyhector

    Ok, ok, I guess I’ll start. I found it neither particularly shocking, nor particularly spectacular. But I still like Glambert and will give him another shot.

  • erinrook

    Yeah, I also found it kind of blah. Hard to feel strongly about the performance when the song is so lacking. Who knows how much of this is him vs. marketing machine, but I I’d rather see him perform rock operas than “dance” music, or whatever that was supposed to be.

  • erinrook

    Oh right, he kissed a boy and stuff. What does it say that I had to read the link before I realized it? Glad they didn’t sensor it, though I don’t like the fact that he compares his on-stage kiss to Britney and Madonna’s, which was clearly a sensational performance act and had nothing to do with representing queer affection/sexuality in the media. I’m sure he was going for shock value too, but I appreciate that he put it out there for now-horrified mainstream America to see. Still not impressed with the actual performance though.

  • Davidtoo

    this is why my family doesnt watch television.
    it is not entertaining.

  • Brooks

    Yeah, I agree with Erin…the performance itself wasn’t that interesting. I also thought there was something off between himself and the backup singers…the harmonies were off-key.
    I don’t think the Madonna comparisons were that off in that this performance was no more racy than Madonna’s award show stunts.
    That said, I think it would have been more thrilling and sensational if he had kissed Lady Gaga instead.