PLGFF Wednesday night previews



Drool at 7pm starts out like any other unhappy-married-woman-discovers-her-lesbianism movie. This plot is so overdone even Oprah has real life version.

Luckily Drool has a bit of a twist. When Anora’s abusive husband discovers their secret all hell breaks loose and he ends up dead in a freak accident. So, the ladies pack up the car, the kids, and the body and hit the road. Drool claims to tackle the themes of racism, domestic abuse, sexism and homophobia with dark humor and wit.

9pm serves up another comedy in Antarctica. Gay siblings Shirley and Omer each has what the other wants. Omer searches for the man of his dreams while Shirley fears commitment to her perfect partner. When she revisits her dream of visiting Antarctica the 2 gather advice from family and friends, including their “Jewish mother from hell” in an Isreali comedy that refreshingly concentrates on the personal rather than political.

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