PLGFF Monday night previews

'Hollywood je t'aime'

'Hollywood je t'aime'

PLGFF heads into the week with a triumphant weekend, if not in record attendance than at least in fun, quality films. The week looks a bit spottier, but I had my doubts before and I should not have, so make your Monday special.

It starts with a familiar new life tale in 7pm’s Out of the Blue about a middle-aged wife and mother who leaves her husband and finds herself in love with another woman. The high possibility of triteness may be overcome by the cute factor if you’re really feelin’ it. And it’s in French. Might be a decent lezzie date movie…

Monday’s 9 o’clock film Hollywood je t’aime looks better but still dangerously close to gay cliché. When gay Parisian Jerome Beaunez heads to LA to get over a breakup he finds it more dirty and dreary than fun and glamorous. But he does meet an interesting cast of characters, including a pot dealer played by Chad Allen. Together they pursue Jerome’s desire for Hollywood stardom in a sort of Wizard of Oz type buddy comedy romance with a real Los Angeles backdrop.

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