More Gloss, more Fame

glossBy now you already know that hump day is a lot more happenin’ than it used to be. Whether drinking and dancing will help you make it through the week or hinder your productivity, enjoying the midweek pleasures has become a queer necessity.

Guest DJ Yo’Malley will be spinnin’ 80’s, new wave and pop, uptown with some gay pizza slices at Fame (5262 N Lombard), but the bigger bash will be downtown at Invasion’s (412 SW 4th) Gloss.

Always a good time at the swanky yet friendly venue, organizer Carlee Smith assures me this will be a particularly special night. Special DJs Gottesfinger (Gay Deceivers) and DJ Jenny Hoyston (Erase Erratta) will be working hard for your aural pleasure. With the addition of Invasion’s new dance floor Gloss will most certainly live up to its red hot October promise.

Fancy martinis for a fiver, no cover and a cadre of sexy ladies will round out for evening quite nicely.

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