Tartdown and other Wednesday night happenings

DJ Automaton at the decks

DJ Automaton at the decks

Wednesdays are often quite a full hump day with the weekly Fame/Gay Pizza/Slice, and monthlies Lube Job and Gloss. But tonight also features a special mix of 2 of Holocene’s (1001 SE Morrison) dykiest nights. Tonight’s Tartdown is a celebration of Double Down and Tart as well as a going away party of sorts.

From the organizers:

DJs Automaton and Girlfriends will host in a special farewell even to one of PDX’s hottest turntabelists, as Automaton prepares to leave the Northwest for a shot at the title in L.A. Also this event will support local queer artists by providing an outlet for display and promotion along with live art production in the second room at Holocene!!!

That live art will be every bit as exciting as the DJing and dancing as it will be provided by the indomitable aerosol artist/prince Rai Villanueva.

But if that’s not enough for you tonight’s Lube wrestling extravaganza at Red Cap (1035 SW Stark) benefits Basic Rights Oregon tonight with it’s slippery debauchery and tonight’s Fame features DJ Girlfriend’s sis DJ GodessFinger spinnin’ it out on decks across town at Portsmouth Pizza (5262 N Lombard).

For the club hopper it’s gotta be a Wednesday night with wings.

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