Popular night Blow Pony moves, Eagle closes doors

Blow Pony Moves, Portland Gay bar Closes

Blow Pony Moves, Portland Gay bar Closes

After the events of Pride this year and the resulting events and conversations that happened here on and otherwheres, we were all interested in hearing what would happen next.

Staying at the Eagle Underground / Casey’s seemed like a disaster waiting to happen, and paying $1000 a month is a lot of money out of pocket(that’s like letting 300-ish people in for free!) for any night medium sized club night, even though Blow Pony was very popular.

In the wake of these problems Blow Pony has decided to move to BRANX, over on the east side, and will be holding the first night there on August 29th, so adjust your calendars (and we’ll tweak ours) accordingly. We’ll be there to see how this Blow Po goes off, and wish Airick and the whole team much success in this transition.

To add another twist to the story, the Eagle Underground /Eagle PDX /Caseys (what is it REALLY called, damnit??) has decided to close it’s doors. According to an email by Karl Wilgus that is circulating, he plans to close the bar due to “lack of support”, sell of the assets and possibly re-open under a new name. Apparently, the bar will be open one or two more times before it finally closes doors. While I’m sad over the lack of this notorious event space, I also understand that Karl Wilgus has faced controversy in the past – especially because of his proven (means: he was found guilty of it) tendency to underpay or not pay staffers wages. Hopefully, the underpaid staffers will receive their outstanding wages, Blow Pony will successfully move to Branx, and we can all go back to having a good time.

View the full email here

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  • Just to be clear, we (BLOWPONY) did not leave the location of Casey's & the Eagle underground due to the Violence that took place on June 14th, we decided to leave for these reasons…..Karl & Chad neither one showed support at the Town Hall or Sexual Minorities Round Table while the Owner's of Embers & Silverado did, It was frustrating that they(Karl & Chad) did not show or verbalize their concerns or interest to the queer community, our other reasons is Karl & Chad owe several People (who were once employees) money, we felt we could not support such a system, and lastly Karl & Chad have a loft above the bar (the lofts where other tenants were throwing urine, glass bottles, beer, spit and anti gay remarks) and showed ZERO interest in contacting the landlord to inform him or her of the situation. We did give them a chance to make right, it is sad to see a once amazing bar (the eagle) go down, but you can't run a business in this manner and expect it to last.

    The Pony Kru

  • thank you for your comments sleezo – much appreciated!

  • PDXMatt

    As one of those who they owe money to, thanks for your support. They have, and will continue, to get theirs as their financial worlds crumble. Good luck at Branx!

  • PdxJim

    As one of the most money owed to employee, seriously thousands..I agree with PDXMATT They will self distruct themselves..I am glad its there Karma not mine. I am angry at myself because I was fooled by Karl and I am the one that got him the deal to have a joint venture on the bar. I believe he didnt pay the employees and used are money to buy the bar from the owner that truly got the bar, yes our money to buy it from the other owner.. I think they have a criminal charge for that…begins with a capital E

    Good move on your guys part for moveing and good luck.