Lubing it up for charity


Lube Job at Red Cap Garage

We here at qPDX have already sung the praises of Red Cap’s (1035 SW Stark) Wednesday night Lube Job party, but there are a few things you might not know that will make attending tomorrow’s hot summer night essential.

Wrestling in a kiddie pool full of slippery stuff might be fun, but it has a purpose as well.Hundreds of dollars have already been raised for local organizations and there’s plenty of room for more. All you have to do is send a slick representative.

What intern wouldn’t get down and dirty with some hot homo wrestlers for non-profit brownie points? It’s better than debasing yourself in a dunk tank. But if you could get, say, your director, editor or mayor, well, you’d really bring in the bucks. Just sayin’.

Another draw for the less philanthropic among us, is this week’s 5 for $6 drink special. It may not be the margarita of your dreams but it’s nice to know that for the price of one cocktail you can imbibe all night long.

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